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10 January 2012


It's finally here!!! Our first competition & it's a big one xx

Are you or anyone you know getting married but don’t have a decorator? Simply post this photo on your facebook page, ask your friends to ‘like’ us & mention you sent them, person with the most mentions will win over $400 worth of Décor towards your wedding!! Winner will be announced at the end of April..

10 November 2011


~Lemon Coconut~
Well here's my 4th attempt at 'cake pops'.. I never knew how fun baking could be! The one on the left is lemon cake dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with coconut. The right is lemon cake mixed with coconut, dipped in white chocolate:):) If you're able to make it this month to 'the kitchen table network' that Emma Rhoades is hosting, then you will be able to taste these beauty's & many more flavours for FREE!! But they will be presented as cake balls, ordering sticks so might opt for that version for Decembers brunch:) Next I want to try a Jaffa or violet crumble flavoured pops!! :P

8 November 2011


Coming soon are these beautiful damask corset chair sashes.. I straight away fell in love with this idea, so decided they are a must have for 2012!! Definitely a challenge but super excited to give them a go:):) Also thinking of other design alternatives as an option to the generic organza/silk sash.. As well as chair covers!! Excited to have a more unique & original selection for brides to choose from (all events not only weddings)♥♥
  • Stay tunned for tomorrows post.. Hint: lemon & coconut;)

7 November 2011


I just fell in love with this, isn't it a super cute save-the-date idea!! There are alot of different ideas floating around & so it can become a little over whelming for us to decide which to use.. Not only when choosing a save-the-date idea but in all aspects of planning & organising your wedding. In all this crazyness choosing what theme, colours, decor' we are with you every step of the way, making the whole process fun, exciting & more importantly stress-free:) 

For more inspiration you can check out my album dedicated to exactly that, on our facebook page:)